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Little India is an unforgettable destination on your itinerary of places to visit in Singapore.


Just when you are thinking of things to do in Singapore, step into Little India and you will be in bylanes full of alluring merchandise and enthusiastic sellers that give you a vivid, colourful and truly Indian shopping experience in Singapore. Select a memorabilia from the mesmerizing silk, gold jewellery or handloom artifacts that mirror the beautiful people that craft them.


Spice up your palate with Restaurants in Little India. Sink your teeth into a delectable medley of flavours in vegetarian and non vegetarian options. It�s a lesson of indulgence in mouth-watering Indian food in Singapore.


Festivals are the best time to capture the magical, picture perfect memories of Little India. The rich cultural splendor of India is showcased in the spirit of celebration with music, light and colour in the air.


You can stay at the heart of this cultural potpourri with a host of accommodations options - from little bag-packer lodges to the finest luxury hotels in Singapore.

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